Brian can complete a comprehensive online program review for your institution, which will culminate in a final written report with possible recommendations for improvements.

The comprehensive review would include the following areas:

+ Student support services
+ Course design and navigation
+ Assessment of student learning
+ Ensuring the quality of online courses and programs
+ Faculty training and professional development opportunities


Brian’s speaking services include a variety of programs to meet your institution’s needs. Each program may be customized to be delivered in the following formats:

+ Keynote presentation
+ Breakout session
+ Half-day workshop
+ Full-day workshop
+ Webinar

The following are titles and descriptions of Brian’s four most requested programs:

Twelve strategies to promote online growth while ensuring quality

There continues to be a tremendous amount of interest in online education, this interest is coming from students, faculty and administrators. However, with increased interest and growth in online education come challenges as well. Who oversees online education on your campus? What policies and procedures are in place to govern online programing? What professional development opportunities are available to your faculty? What data can you collect and analyze to drive decisions related to online programing? How are you ensuring quality of online courses and program? This informative presentation will cover twelve practical strategies you can implement on your campus to promote online growth while ensuring quality.

Twenty things you thought you knew about online education – but might not

Online education continues to grow in popularity. However, many instructors and administrators are not familiar with the research that has been conducted and published related to online offerings. During this presentation you will explore topics such as student and faculty perception of online education, if retention rates differ for online and face-to-face courses and programs, the percentage of colleges and universities offering fully online degree programs, employer perceptions of online programs, if teaching online is more work intensive, if there is more cheating in online courses, if offering more online courses decreases time to graduation and many more.

Facilitating Effective Online Discussions

Utilizing discussions in online courses can be a very effective way to increase student to student and student to instructor interactions. However, there can be challenges associated with online discussions such as lack of student participation, disruptive students or the workload associated with reading and grading discussion posts. During this presentation you will be exposed to a variety of strategies to create discussion board activities that your students find interesting and also strategies to effectively facilitate discussions and manage the workload related to reading and grading posts.

Healthy instructors inspire healthy students: Five strategies to avoid burnout and improve your teaching.

Ask the average instructor nowadays how they are doing and they will usually say – “I’m just so ______.” We live in a fast-paced, hectic world and sometimes we neglect the one thing that is vital to our success – that’s right – us! When was the last time you really felt at peace? How are you at controlling stress in your life? Might it be possible for you to move more, eat healthier, and sleep better? Throughout this highly engaging and interactive workshop, you will be exposed to realistic and attainable strategies to improve your overall health and well-being.